I write instrumental and electronic music which has been performed in North America, Europe, and Asia by ensemble mosaik, Yarn/Wire, ekmeles, and duo XAMP, among others. In addition to composing music, I make material and intangible sound art using field recordings, sculptural installations, and archival media, and I have designed and programmed digital laptop interfaces for improvisation in solo and ensemble contexts. 


My work often reflects my fascination with paleoanthropology—our species’s evolutionary origins and deep past; and with the anthropocene—our society’s profligate present and the earth’s precarious future. I have a persistent interest in the expressive potentials of inharmonic resonance and microtuning, which often leads me to work with sine tones and precise retunings of instruments as an integral part of my process. Recently, my practice has drawn me towards building augmented instrumental attachments using microcontrollers and other technologies. 


I currently live in New York City, where I am a doctoral candidate in music composition at Columbia University.


Upcoming performances: