this is a selected listening. my soundcloud page can be found here.

Replica (passage iv) (2023). For Ex-Sentia Ensemble.


writhe & wither for solo violin (2020). Giancarlo Latta, violin.


Felt (2023). For Yarn/Wire.


four gazes (2021). For soprano saxophone and prepared string trio.


Gravity and Center (2022). Performed by Mathis Mayr and Ernst Surberg at Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin.


spread in lobes like lichen on rock. for ensemble and electronics (2020). ensemble mosaik and Bas Wiegers.


Birds Fly (2023). For Schallfeld Ensemble.


only a still wind for two microtonal accordions (2019). Duo XAMP.


an experiment on a bird in the air pump for sheng, dizi, cello, and guqin (2019). AIR Contemporary Music Collective, Beijing.