selected live improvisations, 2020

Below is a bandcamp collection of live improvisations which were streamed on the facebook group open improvisations: online edition during the initial outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. These include the first performance using my laptop instrument, which at the time I called "noise organ", an improvisation with an amplified and prepared two-gallon plastic water jug, one using a turntable and a cassette deck with guitar pedals, and one on an out-of-tune French double-manual haprsichord with an array of sine tones composed based on the unintended tuning discrepancies between the two keyboards.

The first performance with my laptop instrument.



an excerpt from "Harpsichord and sine tones".



an improvisation on turntable and cassette player.




from the sketches for Harpsichord and Sine Tones.